Spy Sunglasses – A Hands Free Covert Camcorder


Shades with a secret camera, yea right. They would need to be some knick knack you would find toward the rear of a comic book for $19.95, directly close to the x-beam glasses. That was my reaction when I initially caught wind of this item. In any case, interest outwitted me (I requested the x-beam glasses as well) and I requested a couple. Goodness, was I dazzled. These things ought to have been showcased as a hands free camcorder, it would have been a superior portrayal and would have presumably drawn in to a greater degree a shopper base. Never again will I be wildly attempting to get the camcorder out and miss that precious second on a family trip at the recreation center or sea shore. With the dash of a catch I can record what I am seeing and don’t need to stress over preparing the camera.

Something beyond a couple of spellbound Blackpods focal points, the secret camera shades contain not just a cutting edge full shading camera, fit for making both still efforts and sound/video accounts, yet the implicit DVR has a 4GB of glimmer memory and a miniature SD (TF) card opening that can hold up to an extra 8GB of memory. The inside mouthpiece records completely clear sound from a scope of up to two meters. An inside 550mAh battery-powered battery controls the entire unit with a 3.5 hour life and is charged through the USB port of your PC. Then, at that point, to make these government agent shades significantly more secretive, they likewise contain a MP3 Player and earphones. The most engaging thing about the government operative shades is their straightforwardness. One catch starts and stops the recording while the other three catches switch the camera between still shots and video mode, snap an image, and turn the camera on/off.

What shocks me the most is the stunning lucidity of the pictures. The still photograph goal is 1280 x 960 while the video records in AVI design at 25FPS with a goal of 680 x 480. The unit accompanies all you will require, a guidance manual; a USB power connector; a USB charging link; and a conveying case. At a cost tag of well under $200.00, this unit is an unquestionable requirement, should have thing.