Pour on the Ketchup, for Your Health’s Sake


It’s normal to accept that the fresher the food you eat, the better and better it is. Strangely, where tomatoes are concerned, it’s an incredible inverse. Tomatoes are a rich wellspring of lycopene, a phytochemical found in plenitude in the products of the soil is in reality more available when cooked than when eaten crude.

What is lycopene?

Lycopene is known to counter oxidative pressure in the body, making it a powerful contender against malignancy and coronary illness. Harvard University analysts revealed that men who devoured ten servings of cooked tomato food varieties each week diminished their prostate disease hazard by up to 45%. Lycopene is additionally accepted to diminish the danger of different malignancies like cervix, stomach, skin, bosom and colon and it forestalls atherosclerosis and coronary illness by lessening levels of LDL, otherwise called ‘awful’ cholesterol.

Lycopene is discovered profound inside a tomato’s كاتشب هاينز cell dividers and supportive amounts must be delivered when warmth makes these dividers separate. Lycopene’s bioavailability is made conceivable through cooking or handling. Truly outstanding and simplest approaches to get your day by day portion of lycopene is to add pureed tomatoes to your feast.

Spoon some tomato glue into a pasta sauce or goulash.

Make new tomato soup or appreciate a serving from a can.

Plunge corn chips or toasted pita bread into a container of salsa.

Sautee some new tomatoes and eat with eggs or steak or over rice.

Significantly more intriguing is that lycopene turns out to be all the more promptly accessible for assimilation in the body when overcome with dietary fats like olive oil or cheddar. These greasy things help to break down the lycopene and transport it into the circulatory system.

The human body doesn’t deliver lycopene, along these lines its advantages are just accessible when you eat food varieties that include it in extraordinary amounts. Its plenitude is more prominent when the shade of the tomato is most profound. The redder the tomato, the more lycopene the tomato contains.

Tomato Trivia

The tomato is really a natural product, not a vegetable.

The leaves and stems of a tomato are harmful.

Tomatoes are viewed as organically wonderful in light of the fact that they can self-fertilize. There is nothing of the sort as a male or female tomato.

Tomatoes are high in nutrient C and contain sound measures of iron, phosphorous, potassium, and nutrients An and B.

Regarding fiber, one medium tomato approaches one cut of entire wheat bread.

Green tomatoes ought to be stayed away from in huge sums except if cooked. They contain a substance called tomatine which is a poison in a similar family as solanine found in green potatoes.