Bought a Combi Boiler? Read the Instructions Manual


Our family of four moved to a Chinese speaking country recently and rented a newly finished townhouse in the suburbs. The house wasn’t furnished and was lacking even the minimal appliances. Having to move in right away, we rented a truck and started moving the furniture in. By the time we got to the washer and dryer, and even the big oak closet, we realized that their western size wasn’t compatible with the narrow Asian stairs. We couldn’t move some things in and it was about to rain. What to do?

We looked around and we saw this big tall crane in a nearby construction site. Seemed like a crazy idea, but nothing ventured nothing lost, so we went over to talk to the officer in charge. We explained our predicament using some sign language. He said he would come after working hours, and haul our stuff for 60$. Fair enough.

That evening, the big crane was set in front of our house. The worker proceeded to wrap our washer machine with what seemed to me like a very rudimentary leather loop. In a blinking of an eye the appliance went up into the air and reached the roof´s level, where It was left dangling until me and my sons caught it and safely placed it on the floor. Up came the dryer and the oak closet in the same manner. The crane operator left right away after collecting his well earned tip.

That night we were exhausted. Everything we owned was somewhere in the house needing to be organized and tidied. We all needed a shower badly. The fact dawned on us that we did not have a boiler in the house to heat the water. Paradoxically, with 4 beautiful bathrooms and an incredible Jacuzzi, none of us could have a hot shower. Having a cold shower, even in a warm climate, was something out of the question for some of us, so we proceeded to heat up a couple of big pots of water over the stove, like in the olden days.

Next day we had a lot to do to organize the furniture around the house. It takes a lot of love and work to make a house a Home, like my wife says. At the end of the day, we all took a shower in our next door neighbour’s bathroom. He was an old friend and very helpful. He said: “Hey, I can help you set up a water heater if you want; I just set up mine a couple months ago.”

That option sounded easier than trying to find an English speaking plumber. We went to the biggest department store in town, checked the combi boilers prices and purchased a local branded gas boiler. I skipped through the instructions manual and it was all in Chinese, so I gave up and decided to trust in the expertise of our friend.