Are You Committed to Quit Your Gambling Addiction? Do You Desire a Better Lifestyle?


Top 5 reasons why people suffer from gambling addiction.

1) To escape with painful life experiences.

People tend to gamble to avoid painful emotions, which can include sadness, shame, guilt, humiliation, failure, or even frustration. They feel the need to escape the stresses, demands and pressures of daily life.

2) To recoup your losses in the game.

After winning the first round, the player always begins to cheat with the illusion of having “Big Win”. But most of the time, they tend to lose more than expected. To recoup their losses, they will keep gambling until they spend their last dollar.

3) Take on the game as a new source of entertainment.

Do you like games? Everyone has different forms of entertainment, but most people will take “Games” as their form of entertainment, because they will feel the fun, the excitement, and the challenge. But most of the people failed to choose it wisely and ended up gambling as an entertainment form of the game. It is very harmful to them in the long run. They will start to get addicted and could have the possibility of being in a lot of debt and even causing a disruption in their lifestyle.

4) Family history

If you have someone in your family who is a compulsive UFABET  gambler, you have a higher risk of becoming one. This could be due to genetics or even social learning that you have learned from your family members since you were young.

5) irrational thoughts

Players also tend to have ridiculous beliefs; they will tend to think that they can find a pattern to win, and they will assume that they will not be so unlucky all the time to keep losing in the game. When they find themselves with a few consecutive losses, it occurs to them that a winning round is just around the corner. In fact, this irrational belief causes them to lose even more than ever or even go into deep debt. Over time, they will become addicted to the game and continue in this cycle of play.

How do you help someone who had suffered from gambling addiction?

It is quite difficult to help a player who has a stubborn personality or who does not like to listen to the kind advice that others give him. It’s hard enough changing your thoughts and beliefs overnight. It is also not an impossible task, if you have followed the tips below effectively.

You should be extremely patient and you should never think about giving up at these critical moments only if you are really willing and concerned about helping your close friends or even loved ones to end their addiction to gambling.
Stop lending them gambling money, lending them gambling money will only make their gambling addiction worse.
You should look for proven ways and strategies, such as e-books or even audio programs, that teach you how to stop gambling effectively.
Most players who are addicted to gambling cannot really know what their own problem is. First, you must make them realize and identify it as a serious problem that affects their lifestyle.
Set a new goal with them, talk to them often to find out what your concern is, make them feel that you really showed care and concern for them and, most importantly, make them aware that they are not alone facing this problem, you will be together with them to solve it.